Intern Shane: The exit interview.

Friday, May 17th, 2013
Shane hard at work (AKA starring at a blank screen).

Shane hard at work (AKA staring at a blank screen trying to avoid the camera).

Today is Shane's last day of work, find out how he coped with the new, horrible Justin Timberlake album and Miko's ability to protect everyone in the studio from door-to-door salesmen.

1) What project did you most enjoy being a part of?

Either the Emmanuelle menu (not complete yet) or the Alice in Wonderland shower invitation.

2) What was the most torturous album Abby overplayed these past few months?

I enjoyed lots of Abby’s music though I could have done without the new Justin Timberlake album or that one whiny girl band that I don’t know the name of.

3) What program(s) did you master that you never imagined you'd have to know?

I am more of a master in Microsoft word than I thought id ever be. Hopefully being a master of Microsoft word is a desirable trait in the design world.

4) What has been the most rewarding aspect of your internship?

Completing a day's work with ease and minimal questions or learning all the different ways to get to and from work when your bike is broken. Bus #3 is my best friend.

5) What was Miko's best "flip out" of the past few months?

Any of them. It never ends.

6) What advice would you give future Abby Ryan Design interns?

If there are multiple interns working that day make sure to get to work early to get a good seat.

7) What is the proper way to deal with door-to-door salesmen?

Tell them your not interested and shut the door, if this is too out of character don’t answer the door at all.

8) Can you sum up your experience these past few months?

My time at Abby Ryan Design has been more informative than I could have imagined. I learned a lot about the design business just from sitting back and observing Abby's day to day dealings. My technical skills have improved tremendously and I have picked up some very useful tricks within the Adobe Creative Suite. I did not realize how integrated the Adobe programs are with each other. In addition to my technical knowledge I now have experience working on a team. Sometimes it was confusing jumping onto a project that was ongoing or starting a project and then handing it off to the next person. I understood that most firms have many people working on the same projects, but I never had the experience of doing it. To ease this process I have realized how important file organization is. I also learned a bit about working with clients. In school there is frequent mention of working on a team and dealing with clients, but experiencing it first hand is more impactful. Overall I had a great experience at Abby Ryan Design. From the beginning  I felt very welcomed and always looked forward to going to work. Music was always playing, and there was the perfect mix of work and fun.

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